PHPC’s Team

Team member Dr. Lentz with his wife

Dr. Richard R. Lentz


Dr. Richard Lentz ended his education and began his career as a Veterinarian in 1984 with a degree from the University of Minnesota. (2014 Marks 30 years of Dr. Lentz being a Veterinarian!!)

Upon Graduation, Dr. Lentz worked at the Webster Veterinary clinic. After 4 Years, he moved his family to Milbank where he has been practicing ever since.

He not only has his hands full at work, but at home he is surrounded by his lovely wife, Beth and his ‘mutts’ Midge & Godiva. Things did become a little less hectic after his daughters Emily and Kristin went off to college.

When Dr. Lentz isn’t at the clinic or at home, he enjoys various outdoor activities, such as hunting , fishing and Gardening.

Graduations is the theme of the year!

Dr Lentz and Beth are so very PROUD of both their girls. In May Emily Graduated from the U of M Law School AND Kristin Graduated from Vanderbilt in Nashville TN as a Nurse Practitioner. Way to go girls!!!

Team member Deb with her pet dog

Deb Buttke


Deb is our Technician at Prairie Hills Pet Clinic. She grew up on a farm in Western Minnesota. As a child, she cared for a menagerie of animals including Dogs, Cats, Horses or any other animals that were on the farm.

Animals have always been a passion of Debs. Upon graduation from Wheaton High School, Deb enrolled at NDSU in Fargo, ND. She graduated with a 4 year degree in Animal Health Technology.

Deb has been a Registered Veterinary Technician in the Minlbank area for several year. Upon graduation from NDSU, Deb was hired as a Vet Tech at Milbank Veterinary Clinic. Deb stayed with, what is now, Prairie Hills Pet Clinic during the Change in November of 2008.

In her down time from work, Deb enjoys spending time at the lake cabin, Gardening reading and her passion of participating in Bible Studies.

Deb’s Family

Deb has 2 adult Children Jeff and his Wife Alex, and Kristi and her soon to be Husband Scott.

She also has 2 Four Legged Children, Jet their black lab and Dream, the Diva of the family. She is a Chocolate Poodle. She enjoys spending time with all of them every chance she gets!

Team member Gail

Gail Wellendorf


June 1, 2014 marks the start of the 17th year of employment here for Gail. What an adventure it has been. I am the person that you talk to when you call Prairie Hills Pet Clinic. I am usually the first one you see when you come in the door, the last one you see when you leave.

Some of my duties here at the clinic is answering the phone. controlling inventory, scheduling appointments for your pet.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my Family, Sewing, Crocheting and making doll Clothes.

I believe our pets are our family!

I live on a farm, so pets large and small are a part of our family. We have several cats and Clyde is our ‘farm’ dog. He is our ‘Mother’ on the Farm. And then there is Maddie. I am sure most of you know her. She is our Yorkie and she comes to work with me daily. She sleeps under my desks.